There are some people that are saying the country is at a crossroads. I don’t see it that way, I see the United States being at a dead end. We are in a no-win situation. Makes little difference what happens in the next few days. Makes little difference who becomes the next President. We find ourselves at a point where it is irrelevant who becomes the next President, the United States as we know it is no more.

    Let’s drop all the B.S., hyperbole and propaganda... however you describe it. The fact is we now have one of the most corrupt Governments in the World. I believe this reign of corruption begin in the latter years of the Bush 45 Presidency, but when it started is irrelevant at this point. We are in the midst of a coup organized and orchestrate I believe by the World elite. Using the education system, entertainment industry, and the news media which they control, the powers that be has, in a few short years transformed the United States into a country our founders would not recognize.

    We are now at a point where everything is out in the open. The corruption is obvious, it is no longer any attempt to hide. It is even bragged about. Very few will deny the fact that the election was rigged, many say so what, all elections are rigged to some extent.

    There are few who would disagree with the fact that the Government as a whole has turned on the Citizens. Citizens are now irrelevant. The justice system from the highest to the lowest courts are now known to be corrupted. The SCOTUS has been compromised. The Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, even the CIA have all been compromised.

    There is no point in trying to lay the blame on either party, the Left or the Right. It is too late for that, the powers that be have achieved their goal, they have destroyed the greatest country the World has ever seen. “Fait Accompli”

    We are in one hell of a mess. We brought it on ourselves, no one else to blame. Most of us are praying for God’s help, but that is not going to happen. That is not the way God works, at least in my opinion.

    God did not build this country. When this country was first conceived God gave our Forefathers the ability and the opportunity to build the greatest country the World has ever known. Man built this country through blood, sweat, tears, and with many lives lost. Our Forefathers, with God’s blessings, built the United States of America, the greatest country the World has ever known.

    This country was and continues to be populated by Patriots, both liberals as well as Conservatives. Patriots come from all walks of life. Patriots are all races Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and Etc. All have fought and died for this country.

    After all we have been through together, why then are we letting politicians tear this country apart? What we are seeing happen to this country is people being used. What we are seeing is exactly what the politicians and the news media want to happen. Make no bones about it, the American public is being lead down a path like a bunch of sheep. By and large the people of the United States want what is best for the country. On the other hand, the politicians i.e., government want what is best for the politicians i.e. government. Both parties, Left and Right are equality guilty. They are being guided and financed by the richest people in the World. They are purposely dividing this country for their personal and their political gain. To this fact there is little doubt. We now have the most corrupt government this country has ever seen. Something is inherently wrong when there is a congressional fund set up to cover pedophile and sexual harassment charges for congressmen. Most of us acknowledge the fact yet we continue to fight to get these crooks back into office. The question is why are we allowing this to happen. The most ignorant statement I have heard is “we need term limits” What?... we are so stupid that we need a law to keep us from voting some incompetent back into office. Think about that.

    We now see citizen fighting citizen, families being torn apart, women against men, race against race, Left against Right, Republican against Democrat, to what end, to what avail. We had the greatest country the World has ever known. Of course, it wasn’t perfect, but it was a hell of a lot better than what we now have. Undoubtedly our Forefathers are turning in their graves thinking what these are fools up to.

    No... God is not going to fix this problem. Man has allowed is man’s job to fix it...God gave us the ability, we blew it...we need to use the God given ability and fix it.

    Exactly what are we looking at. To begin with, if predictions are accurate, in the next few weeks we will see mayhem running rampant throughout the country. Much worse than we have today. If we are lucky, we will see only a small number of young lives snuffed out. This could be your son or daughter; someone you know and love. For sure a number of parents will lose their sons and daughters in the weeks ahead. You will see neighborhoods destroyed, business looted and burnt to the ground.

    All the time this is taking place you will see those who won elections taking victory laps throughout the country. They will be all over the media bragging, praising those who worked tireless for them. They will be vowing to change the country, bring us all to gather. They will overlook the fact that they are the ones who tore this country apart. If predictions are anywhere close to accurate then this country is going to see some of the darkest days if not the darkest days of our history.

    Think about it, all this to put an elite few into office where they can continue to set inside the Beltway and wreak havoc throughout the country. All the while filling their coffers and living a life of luxury.

Copyright © 2021 Kenneth D. Nunn

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