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   It’s been quite a while since we last updated our website. I was thrown off track when this past June I broke my leg and severely damaged my ankle. I’ll spare you the boring details, but long story short…I had to have surgery on my ankle. This resulted in an infection that took five more surgeries to cure. During and after the final surgery I was given so much antibiotic that it resulted in me coming down with Clostridium Difficile Colitis. The good news, at least for me, looks like I am finally cured…knock on wood.

   I know this is a preparing website and although the political situation is one of the reason we should be prepared, we decided from the onset to refrain from getting to deep into politics. However, considering the dire situation the United States and the World is sliding into I would like to discuss the political situation.

Are The Good Times Really Over For Good?

Is the best of the free life behind us now?
And are the good times really over for good?
Are we rolling downhill like a snow ball headed for hell?
With no kind of a chance for the flag or the liberty bell.

Written and recorded by Merle Haggard

   I don’t believe there has ever been a more prophetic song written. During my twelve-month hiatus the U.S. has certainly continued going downhill like a snow ball headed straight to hell. Speaking for myself I don’t think there is a chance for the flag or the liberty bell.

   Like many people, especially people over fifty years old, I have always been patriotic. I served six years active duty in the Military. Although I didn’t see combat duty, I was in the Navy during the Vietnam War. I have always had great respect for the United States and the President of the United States. Again like many people of my generation I still have great respect for the Flag, but for the person serving as the President I have only disdain. Believe me it really hurts to state that. Unlike Michelle Obama I am proud of the United States but at the same time I am certainly embarrassed and disappointed in what has happened and is happening to the United States.

   While I certainly do not claim to know or understand what is happening in our government today I do know since Obama was first elected there has been a drastic transformation in how the government works.

   I will have to admit in the past I laughed at people who would come up with the government conspiracy theories. Now I must admit I am beginning to believe there is a conspiracy of some type in the government. I would challenge anyone to explain what is taking place inside our government. I challenge anyone to explain why we now have an open border policy. I challenge anyone to explain why the government, through the Supreme Court in supporting and encouraging the moral decay of the United States. I would challenge anyone to explain the destruction of our military. I would challenge anyone to explain why the Republican Majority has become enablers for the tyrannical President of the United States who is from all indications bent on the total destruction of the United States.

   Look at all the conflict and unrest in the World today. From what I can read the last time this much turmoil was taking place was just before World War II begin. What is going to relieve the economic situation? It’s for sure the open borders plan is only going to make matters worse. All the situation that are now taking place in the World can be compared to someone setting up a long roof dominos. I am afraid all its going to take is for that first domino to fall or be pushed over and the rest will follow.

   The following is an article I wrote for another website back in 2009. It seems even more appropriate now.

America Is DEAD

July 4, 1776 - July 17, 2009

By: Kenneth D. Nunn

   Tonight as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep it hit me, it hit me like a slap in the face. The United States is dead. Remembering back, I knew the United States was sick, symptoms started appearing around November 4, 2008. Then beginning January 29, 2009 she become increasingly incoherent. Like everyone else I knew she was sick, maybe even terminal, but like most I have refused to believe it. Tonight I realized she has passed on. I know this just as well as I know anything, there is nothing that can be done now, The United States is gone. She can be taken off of life support, she wouldn’t have wanted that, she was proud and independent. I cried for my country.

   From this day on there may be a country that is called the “United States.” It may well go on for years to come, but the United States that I know and love is gone.

   It is truly sad that she passed before my daughter and Son got to know and really appreciate her. It’s a shame that they and my grandkids will never know what it feels like to be part of the greatest country that has ever been. I must admit I am sad for myself but mostly for my Son, Daughter, my Grandkids and all the others who will not have the opportunity to live and prosper in the country that I have had.

   The United States has been suffering a variety of ills of late. No one could or wanted to believe these ills would be terminal. She had pulled through serious ills before, actually when you think about it she has been fighting pretty hard from infancy. Her birth was hard and took a lot out of her, but she survived and grew stronger for it. Many didn’t think she would make it through adolescence but she did. She proved to be a fighter, a country to be proud of. She has lived through a Civil War, Two World Wars, a Great Depression and a number of economic crisis. Through all these trials and tribulations, she fought through. She came through with her head held high, proud to be an American.

   Maybe the load just got to be too much for her. All the world’s problems had been laid at her feet, she is now blamed for all that is wrong in the World. The ones she helped when they needed someone, the ones she sat up with when they were ailing, the ones she helped when they had their hands out, the ones she sent her citizens to protect, they have all turned their backs on her.

   She was preceded in death by her children, the true “Sons Of Liberty” George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, and many hundreds of thousands of citizens and military personal who died fighting to secure the rights and freedoms for those who eventually took her life. I am glad they did not live to see the shame that she has had to suffer since November 2008.

First Published on July 20, 2009 at 11:57 PM

© Kenneth Nunn 2009

   Ok, now that I have that off my chest I can get of my soapbox and get back to the business of preparing.

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