Chapter 1

– Catastrophic Event –

Catastrophic: 1.a sudden or extreme disaster

The following taken from: The Hill 04/18/2012

Pentagon Chief: "We're within an inch of war almost every day"

By: Jeremy Herb

 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offered a blunt assessment of the threats facing the United States on Wednesday, saying the potential for another war breaking out remains high in places like North Korea.

In an interview with CNN Panetta said:

 "We're within an inch of war almost every day in that part of the world. And we just have to be very careful about what we say and what we do."

When asked if the North Korean threat kept him up at night he replied:

 "Unfortunately, these days there's a helluva lot that keeps me awake"

 Panetta responded, listing Iran, Syria, the Middle East, cyber warfare and weapons of mass destruction as other insomnia - inducing issues.

 I have been asked numerous times why I think there could be a nationwide or worldwide Catastrophic Event. My reply to this question is always the same; it's not a question of if there could be a Catastrophic Event, the only question is when will this Catastrophic Event occur?

 Sometimes I get the feeling that we are a nation of fools. Some people think I’m paranoid when it comes to a National catastrophic event. I don’t see that, I think I am well informed.

 If I am paranoid then I am in the company of some pretty smart people. You would have to consider the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland, and FEMA paranoid. The list of paranoid people should also include the U.S. Congress, as well as many prominent scientists and business professionals. Then there is also many States agencies that would have to be considered paranoid.

 To understand this you simply have to realize the tremendous amount of time and money being spent by these people and organizations in planning for a national catastrophic event. There are numerous Congressional committees, and hearings that are actively working on national catastrophic events now. Following are just a few:

 • Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

 • Homeland Security National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) – Department of Homeland Security

 • Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology of the Committee on Homeland Security – House of Representatives

 • Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security.

 • Iranian Cyber Threat to the U.S. Homeland, Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence and Joint Hearing

 • United States House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management: America is Under Cyber Attack: Why Urgent Action is Needed

 • Country Reports on Terrorism – U.S. Department of State 2010

 • National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats – National Security Council

 • Agroterrorism: Threats and Preparedness Agriculture as a Target of Terrorism – Congressional Research Service

 • The National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2011

 • National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan Homeland Security Council

 • Assessment of States' Operating Plans to Combat Pandemic Influenza Report to Homeland Security Council 2009 – Arizona Department of Health

 • Pandemic Influenza Best Practices and Model Protocols – Homeland Security

 • U.S. Department of Highways, Federal Highway Administration, Post Earthquake Highway Response Recovery Seminar MidAmerican Earthquake Center: Impact of New Madrid Seismic Zone Earthquake on the Central USA. Volume 1.

 • Hearing before the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology of the Committee on Homeland Security Securing the Modern Electric Grid from Physical and Cyber Attacks

 • Protecting the Electric Grid: The Grid Reliability and Infrastructure Defense Act United States House of Representatives, Committee on Energy &Commerce, Subcommittee on Energy and Power One Hundred and Twelfth Congress, First Session

 As you can see the government is spending millions on educating the government and preparing the government for a National Catastrophic Event while at the same time very little is being spent in training and preparing the general public. The vast majority of the general public are unaware of any danger. You must keep in mind, in the event of a National Catastrophic Event the governments number priority is in protecting government personnel and facilities.

 You will see that our Congressmen will discuss this seriously behind closed doors but seldom if ever when speaking to the public. You will see that the serious politicians are involved almost daily in meeting discussing and planning on these National Catastrophic events while the publicity seeks politicians are in front of the cameras discussing things like Gay marriage, discrimination, women's rights, and free birth control.

Craig Fugate FEMA Agency Administrator May 2012

 "People need to be prepared. The biggest challenge in any disaster is the tendency for people to think that somebody else is coming to rescue them when the reality is time and time again we see the closest rescuers are your neighbors. So people who don't prepare, don't get ready and aren't able to help each other, that's probably our biggest challenge. As we continue to deal with all of the issues we face in government, I think it always comes back to people need to understand they are part of the team and they have a role and we're going to focus on our job. But we won't be successful if the public isn't prepared."

 Throughout history there have been natural and man - made disasters of a magnitude that we in the United States cannot comprehend. If you are a religious person you know that we are due, if you are one who studies history you know we are due, if you are one who studies and believes in astrology the signs say we are due, if you are a gambler, you know odds are we will see a National Catastrophic Event soon.

 Are we so arrogant as to believe this could not occur again in the United States? The obvious answer to that question is yes the people of the U.S. as well as the world are arrogant enough to believe this can never happen. Just look at the way we approach things. It took the Japanese earthquake and tsunami to force the government into acknowledging the dangers of having nuclear power plants located in earthquake and/or tsunami zones. Builders have been warned for years of the many dangers of skyscrapers. Just look at what happened on 9/11. Yet what are they doing?...Replacing the Twin Towers with even a bigger building. Does this make sense? You shouldn't build if there is danger in what and how you build. Anyone can see the dangers if there is a fire on the lower floors or an earthquake. Yet we keep building in location we know are at risk. Nuclear plants in earthquake zones, or along the coastline. We even build entire cities in flood plains and below sea level.

 Just look at what happen in New Orleans with Katrina. A large part of the city flooded due to the fact that most of the city is below the sea level. Now what are they doing, rebuilding in the same locations.

 What are people thinking, how many times must Mother Nature show us that man does not possess the power to defy Mother Nature?

 If you doubt Mother Nature's power just look at the forest fires in the western U.S.

 "The United States and the World are going to suffer a major catastrophic event, an event that will severely cripple or destroy the national infrastructure, it is inevitable. You will have a hard time finding a scientist or a government official that will tell you this statement is not true. Many will tell you they expect it sooner than later. It is a fact the Federal and local governments are in the process of preparing for such an event. It could happen a hundred years from now, or two years from now, it could be next year or it could happen tomorrow. "

 February 27, 2010, 6:34 P.M. the coast of Chile was struck by a Catastrophic 8.8 M earthquake, killing hundreds and causing untold damage. January 12, 2010, 4:30 P.M., Haiti was struck by a 7.0 M earthquake causing catastrophic damage, killing over three hundred thousand people and leaving well over a million people homeless. December 26, 2009, an earthquake measuring 9.3 M occurred of the Northwest Coast of Indonesian island of Sumatra. The results was a Catastrophic tsunami with waves as high as eighty feet, killing nearly three hundred thousand people and causing untold damage.

 At 14.16 JST Friday, March 11, 2011 Japan was struck by a 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake. This earthquake triggered a tsunami with waves that reached 133 feet in height and traveled 6 miles inland, causing 3 nuclear plants to have nuclear meltdowns. This earthquake and resulting tsunami affected hundreds of thousands of people, killing 15,846, and injured 6,011 with 3,320 people missing with an estimated cost of 235 billion dollars.

 Now just imagine if any of these events had occurred in the United States, what if it had of been the earthquake scientists are predicting will occur on the California coast? What if this had occurred on the East coast? What would happen if an earthquake today caused a tsunami the magnitude of the one in 2011 that struck Japan, or the 2009 quake that devastated Indonesia, only it hit the Los Angeles area? What would be the result if a meteorite hits the Central U.S. as happened at 7:14 A.M 1908 along the Tunguska River in Siberia? Then there were a number of 8.0 M monster earthquakes that hit the New Madrid fault in Missouri, along the Mississippi Valley in the early 1800s, what if that happened today? What about the super volcano that is predicated to occur in the Yellowstone national park. Then there is the Influenza Pandemic this is another one of the events that the experts say is not a matter of if, but when, estimates range from two hundred thousand to two million dead in the U.S.

 These are only natural disasters, what about the man - made disasters we face today; such as Terrorism. Terrorist are what I consider an eminent danger. These folks have access too nuclear, chemical, biological and cyber weapons. What would be the result of a nuclear explosion, dirty bomb or biological attack in New York, D.C., Houston or for that matter any large city? Then what would be the results of a HEMP bomb detonated over the Central U.S.? According to numerous experts this event would instantly throw the U.S. back 100 years. These are weapons that are currently in the hands of a number of countries.

 All facets of the Government are preparing for an event. Why has the public been left out? If you investigate, as I have, you will see that the branches of the U.S. Government are spending a huge amount of time and money on preparing for a national catastrophic event.

 The question that bothers me is why the public is not more concerned? Why is this not a major story, the news media should be running flat out with this. Many prominent scientists are concerned because they say many of these events will happen, it is not a matter of "will" they happen but "when". These concerns are for national catastrophic events, some are manmade and some are nature, all have the potential of changing the world as we know.

 Most people don't realize it but there are any numbers of events, both natural and manmade that can dramatically change the way we live in a blink of an eye. Most people don't realize the situation we have gotten ourselves into with the national infrastructure. Even the Government believes we are on the precipice of a national catastrophic event! Yet even with all the information and warnings the Government is putting out, the news media for some reason chooses to ignore these warnings.

 Brink Lindsey said it this way:

 "Here is the grim truth: We are only one act of madness away from a social cataclysm unlike anything our country has ever known. After a handful of such acts, who knows what kind of civilizational breakdown might be in store?"

Dire Warnings

 Following are just a few of the warnings the government has released. Why is it the government makes no effort to raise the public attention?

Nuclear Bomb

The Effects of Nuclear War

Office of Technology Assessment May 1979

 A militarily plausible nuclear attack, even "limited," could be expected to kill people and to inflict economic damage on a scale unprecedented in American experience; a large - scale nuclear exchange would be a calamity unprecedented in human history. The mind recoils from the effort to foresee the details of such a calamity, and from the careful explanation of the unavoidable uncertainties as to whether people would die from blast damage, from fallout radiation, or from starvation during the following winter. But the fact remains that nuclear war is possible.

Influenza Pandemic

Homeland Security Council quote:

 Using historical information and current models of disease transmission, it is projected that a modern pandemic could lead to the deaths of 200,000 to 2 million people in the United States alone.


National Security Strategy 2010

 The American people face no greater or more urgent danger than a terrorist attack with a nuclear weapon. And international peace and security is threatened by proliferation that could lead to a nuclear exchange. Indeed, since the end of the Cold War, the risk of a nuclear attack has increased. Excessive Cold War stockpiles remain. More nations have acquired nuclear weapons. Testing has continued. Black markets trade in nuclear secrets and materials. Terrorists are determined to buy, build, or steal a nuclear weapon.

HEMP Bomb Detonated over Central U.S.

Dr. W. Graham (testimony from congressional committee):

 Said that a major catastrophic EMP attack on the United States could cause an estimated 70 - 90 percent of the nation's population to become unsustainable. It is impossible for me to even wrap my mind around that figure. But for terrorists, this is their ultimate goal, and I believe EMP is their ultimate asymmetric weapon.

Biological Attack

National Security Council

 The effective dissemination of a lethal biological agent within an unprotected population could place at risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The unmitigated consequences of such an event could overwhelm our public health capabilities, potentially causing an untold number of deaths. The economic cost could exceed one trillion dollars for each such incident. In addition, there could be significant societal and political consequences that would derive from the incident's direct impact on our way of life and the public's trust in government.

Economic Collapse:

The National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE)

 Our economy is a major terrorist target:

 "If their economy is destroyed, they will be busy with their own affairs rather than enslaving the weak peoples. It is very important to concentrate on hitting the US economy through all possible means."

 "The young men (of the jihad) need to seek out the nodes of the American economy and strike the enemy's nodes."

6.5 or Greater Earthquake in the Madrid Fault Zone

Allen Masuda, Division Administrator, FHWA

 When the New Madrid fault lets loose with another series of major earthquakes and aftershocks as it did during the winter of 1811 - 12, we will see a disaster of a magnitude never seen before in this country.

 Cyber - attack on Power Grid:

 Stephen E. Flynn, Ph.D. statement to Committee on Homeland Security

 Beyond the risk of a detonation of a weapon of mass destruction on U.S. soil, no security challenge is currently more serious to the United States than the ongoing risk of cyber - attacks. The security of our public and private cyber networks is vital to assuring the reliability of the electric grid, transportation systems, and banking and financial systems, and consumers.

 This book is comprised for the most part of excerpts from Congressional hearings and committees, testimony from scientist, information taken from FEMA, Homeland Security, CDC and many others. The reason I chose to use this information are numerous:

 • Help to understand the urgency, and credibility the U.S. Government places on the dangers posed by a National Catastrophic Event.

 • Help to understand the vulnerability of the U.S. National Infrastructure to a National Catastrophic Event.

 • Help to understand the poor physical condition of the National Infrastructure.

 • Help to understand the many dangers to the National Infrastructure.

 • Show how each sector of the National Infrastructure is dependent on the other sectors.

 The second chapter is comprised mostly of excerpts from the "Homeland Security National Infrastructure Protection Plan" This Booklet compiled by the Department of Homeland Security will give you a good understanding of the U.S. National infrastructure. It also explains how each sector of the Infrastructure is dependent upon other sectors.

 The third chapter is comprised mostly of excerpts from "National Energy Plan 2001" In doing this I want not only attempt to illustrate again, how closely intertwined the different Sectors of the National Infrastructure are but also the physical condition of the infrastructure. I chose to use the National Energy Plan from 2001 for a very good reason...there hasn't been another energy plan put forth since the 2001 plan.

 You will see that the power grid is the linchpin in our National Infrastructure. If the power grid should be destroyed or severely crippled then the entire national infrastructure will collapse. Life as we know it will cease. As you will see, this is not solely my judgment but the judgment of numerous government officials as well as numerous well known scientists. It will also give you the opportunity to evaluate the Governments progresses in correcting problems the government themselves have identified.

 By using the national energy policy it is my intention to illustrate what needed to be accomplished from a 2001 perspective, compared to what has been done...(if it was bad then it is even worse now). By using these two reports it is also my intention to show the national energy infrastructure was and still is at near maximum capacity.

 With the remaining chapters it is my goal to highlight the many catastrophic events we may face.

 You will see throughout this book we are told these events will happen not if they happen.

 The same points are brought up in more than one report. I feel this will serve to emphasize the importance.

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