The Still Hunter

still hunter cover

By Theodore S. Van Dyke

   In researching materials for "Out Of Harm's Way" as well as the Preparing to Survive website I have looked through and read numerous books from the past on hunting. Without exception everyone of the books written after 1882 referenced "The Still Hunter" by Theodore S. Van Dyke. First published in 1882 it was the first book written on hunting in the U.S. Theodore Roosevelt said "The Still Hunter" is the best book ever written on still hunting.

   What has attracted me to this book is that like "Out Of Harm's Way" it was written for the novice. It assumes the reader has no experience in the art of "Still Hunting."

   I will be putting excerpts from the book in "Out Of Harms Way II." But in that I feel that there is a wealth of information in the book, we have decided to feature the book on the Preparing to Survive website. We will be adding three chapters a week until we have presented the entire book. This is now downloadable in full text, and I would suggest you download and place this book in your survival cache.

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