Realist: 1. a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are.

   We prefer to look at ourselves as Realist rather than Survivalist.

   We do not claim to be experts on survival, at least not in the normal sense of the word. What most people think of when they think survival is a situation where you unexpectedly become lost or stranded. This could be from a crash landing in a remote location, your vehicle breaks down in a remote location or you simply become lost while hiking or hunting. It’s true these survival situations can become life threatening if you are unprepared. But they are all short term survival situations.

   At Preparing to Survive we are preparing for a long term survival situation. A long term survival situation necessitated by a national catastrophic event with apocalyptic results. This would be an event where life as we know it would cease.

   Some may think this is a little extreme. But just think about it, do you buy auto insurance to cover a minor fender bender or a major repair? Do you buy home owners insurance to cover just a minor fire? How about health insurance do you buy insurance to cover a simple cold or a major illness? Of course, you have to prepare for the worst case scenario. The same is true when preparing for a long term survival situation. As with any other situation, if you prepare for the worst case scenario then anything less will be easier to cope with.

   There are any number of events that are possible not only possible but probable that will result in such an apocalyptic event. This could be natural or manmade events. I realize many people scoff at such reasoning. These same people spend large sums of money preparing for events that may or may not occur, such as auto insurance in case you have an auto accident, home insurance in case your house should burn down, health insurance in case someone in your family gets sick, and the list goes on. Yet these same people scoff at the concept of preparing for an event that will truly be devastating to their entire family. You should consider preparing for long term survival the same as any other insurance, consider it apocalyptic insurance. You can prepare your family for a long term survival situation for less than what you pay for other insurances.

   Our Government is constantly preparing for such an event. They are spending billions of dollars and countless man hours not only preparing but in staying preparing for such an event. The best number I can come up with is there are presently fifteen location stocked and staffed to protect and house Government and military personal. These sites are stocked with food, water, and medical supplies and staff to support a large number of people for as long as five years.

   I don’t know about you, but I think my family is just as important as any Government Official.

   Just think about it the Government is not preparing to protect the citizens, no, they are preparing to protect the Government. Many Government Agencies are buying up ammunition at an astonishing rate. Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, I.R.S. and even the Post Office are buying up millions of rounds of ammunition. This ammunition is not being bought in order to defend the country from invasion force, no this ammunition is being bought to protect the Government from its own Citizens. They are well aware that when a national catastrophic event occurs there will be widespread anarchy. Don’t fool yourself, right now, today, the agencies and even many local police forces are being drilled on how to defend against crowds of anarchist. This is fact.

   Our goal here at Preparing to Survive is to help you and your family survive such an event. Like I said before, we do not claim to be experts on survival. What we are doing is research that we then pass on to you. The way we look at it is there is no one living that could be an expert on long term survival. All the so called experts that you see, hear and read about may be experts in short term survival but certainly not long term survival. Who would want to live for any length of time by eating bugs, grubs, tree bark and maybe a snake every once in a while for variety? Who would want to live long term in a brush lean too starting your cooking fire by rubbing two sticks together.

   The only people that have survived long term as we are looking at would be our ancestors. They survived and in most cases thrived. These Folks learned to live a comfortable life that we will have to emulate in order to survive. Having said that, we will have an advantage over what our ancestors had. There is any number of modern innovations that we have today that with proper planning will make long term survival more comfortable. By combining what our ancestors can teach us through books and journals, with the knowledge and technoledge we have access to today we can survive an apocalyptic event. All it will take is planning.

   Why prepare to survive? Prepare to survive what? These are two question that probably came into your mind when you first saw our web site.

   First of all let me ask a question... do you think you and your family have as much right to survive as Government officials? Well, you may be surprised to learn that the Government thinks it is much more important for Government Oficials to survive a catastrophic event than it is for the citizens to survive. These Folks actually believe that humanity could not survive without a Government.

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